Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Literacy Practices/Ideas:Round tables

My brother is a teacher and at his school it seems to me that it is filled with new literacy practices and ideas. For example instead of a final test or paper the students are required to complete a portfolio and lead a roundtable discussion. My brother is a science teacher for 7th graders so I imagine he is responsible for making sure the students fulfill the requirements for his class’s portfolio and so on. Then twice a year students are required to lead a roundtable discussion. The topic has to be hands on and pertaining to the semester’s work. Has anyone had experience with roundtables? The gray for me is in fulfilling the state or district’s requirements! As I hear more about state requirements and curriculum, I understand better the struggle for incorporating new literacy practices! If there wasn’t so much tying us (as teachers) down I think it would be easier for more teachers to be open to new literacy practices. Any thoughts from those who have had experience working in schools?

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Shannon said...

My personal view on state standards is that teachers should come up with activities and lessons that are meaningful and work within the context of new literacy practices, and then, chances are, the activity of lesson PROBABLY works within state standards.

I think the mistake is to look at standards and create your lessons and units based off standards.. which tends to be overwhelming, and limits your ability to make meaningful activities.