Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some thoughts on the readings

Lankshear and Knobel discussed the role of remixing and its importance in the Internet. I was particularly struck by the analogy made to the creative writing lessons many of us experienced as students. The examples of fanfiction as well as photoshopping are clearly ways of expressing yourself individually and should be considered literacies. However, I am curious how this concept of digital remixing can be utilized in schools, especially outside of the traditional language arts classrooms? Where would this remixing fit into the standardized requirements? Larson and Marsh provided a case study of an English primary school, which was described as not the most technologically advanced classroom. Still, this teacher had access to two computers as well as an interactive whiteboard connected to the teacher's laptop. Maybe it's just me, but this does not seem to be the average American classroom. Any thoughts?

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ANNA said...

Not that I have much experience in the classroom since I've actually been in school last but I completely agree! I can't see the average classroom as having access to much technology at one time due to budgeting. Some of the research is done in extremely exceptional circumstances...for example the girls with their own laptops! Even when the girls each had their own laptop, the school didn't know what to do! Ironic how it all works out. I guess it just goes back to being careful what you wish for and also making sure that, as teachers, we use it responsibly!