Thursday, June 19, 2008

Web 2.0

For my final web 2.0 assignment, I would like to discuss a website I created. This website is to be used in conjunction with the Unit Plan I am developing for my Integrating Social Studies and Technology class. The website is located at, and it'll be incorporated as a technological resource in my Unit Plan. I will use it to provide resources for the lesson plans as well as a place for students to expand on the information presented in class. I was really surprised at how easy it was to create a website. It was a pretty straightforward, with the site assisting you as you proceeded. You could incorporate a number of features, such as a blog or photo gallery. I have high hopes for the blog, perhaps it could turn out to the elusive Third Space or even an Affinity Space. I'll utilize the blog to recap lesson plans as well to post interesting topics. For instance, I posted a link to the movie Pierce and I created for the Unit Plan in the Gettysburg Address. In terms of literacy as a social practice, I though the website was a great way for to combine a literacy practice and technology. This website could provide a potential place for students to express themselves outside of class as well as a means to provide resources outside of the classroom.

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