Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back Online!

So I haven't had to live without the internet in years and I must say that my 3 week hiatus was very difficult. This makes me think about the many students in schools who don't has access to computers or the internet at home. Not that this is our integrating technology class, but not having the internet definitely affected my daily life and could affect the literacy of our students. Technological literacy and computer literacy would typically aid in students learning to read because throughout the internet there are sections and directives that need to be read. Could this lack of technology at the homes of our students contribute to the different literacies that our students have strengths and weaknesses in?

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Cassandra said...

I totally hear you. When I moved a couple of weeks ago I was without internet for about a was so strange. I felt like I was disconnected from the world because I use the internet for so many things; everything from random searches, to finding pictures for power point notes, to doing things for this class.