Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Student Expectation

It was interesting to me how the readings this week coincided with some of the sentiments expressed by the presenters last week, especially about expectations. Lee captured an important point about how differing expectations can foster different actions and reactions by students. As the guest speakers acknowledged and how I have witnessed in my own student teaching students are very aware of how different teachers view them. How, then, can I deal with this in school? Is it enough just have higher expectations and create different spaces in my classroom, when the school as a whole does not? Is it enough to hope that in creating this dynamic students will be inspired to take action to have their school reconceptualize the power and authority structures of the school?

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Pierce said...

The question that you pose is a very important one. I was actually thinking of the same thing. I think that high expectations of students needs to start somewhere. If it is with one teacher then it has to be that way and then hopefully other teachers will follow suit and begin to expect more of their students.