Thursday, June 19, 2008

FINAL web 2.0 assignment!

For my web 2.0 assignment I created a skype account. It is similar to msn messenger and aim. My brother recently went to Iraq with the army and purchased a laptop before he left so he could keep in touch. He recommended that we use skype to talk. He told us he heard it provided the best internet connection and, when doing video, it would be like seeing him in real life because there weren't a lot of interruptions. So, I finally settled down at my apt and had the time to create a skype account. Anyway, skype is complicated! It is different from aim because you don't really have a profile, or maybe that's just me being new to it. Also, you are able to have your skype be "available" to others. This means that people you don't know can message you. Luckily you have the ability to decline or accept before the person starts to harass you. It's interesting. It seems like another way for people to meet other people around the world in a more direct manner than myspace or a dating website or blogging. The only thing that is missing is physical presence but that can be solved through a webcam. As a matter of fact Oprah uses it on a regular basis on her show. When she has guests that can’t physically make it to the show, she has them appear through skype. I look forward to playing around with it more to learn more about it. I can see it being extremely resourceful! Especially if there is a need to communicate with business partners or other times when it is good to have a conversation with someone but either an individual or group of people are able to physically relocate in order to make that happen. Therefore, skype is useful for personal and professional matters.

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