Sunday, June 15, 2008

web 2.0: myspace

A little late but here we go... For my second web 2.0 assignment I made a myspace page. After our talk in class last time about myspace and how they always have your information I decided just to use my initials instead of full name. I went to the myspace page online and clicked on sign up. This then took me to a page where I put in some basic info including email, name (first and last), zip code and birthdate. After this my page was born and I was an official member of myspace. I went through and altered my profile a bit just to see the differences between myspace and facebook. I too found myspace not very user friendly. I was able to easily put up some interests and books, but when it came to changing the background and the layout I couldn't figure out how. This makes me think of my students. They all had many myspace pages and talked about it a lot; I had students ask me for pictures of them in class and on field trips so they could upload them to their myspace pages. It just goes to show that their ability to use technology, more specifically, networking websites is more "fluent" than mine. I am still not convinced that myspace could be used in the classroom. I have found that myspace is a place in which a lot of the fights at my school started. It seemed to create more drama than good in my student teaching placements. I am still on the fence to weather teachers should have myspace and facebook accounts. I have had a facebook account for a few years and It has helped me stay in touch with many friends from high school and college. Of course my privacy settings are on but I still don't know if I will keep the account come September.

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