Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deficit Model

After reading the peice on literacy practices, packaged materials and their effects on kids learning I refected on my time in the RCSD. The deficit model that was brought up is a tough feeling to overcome. The reading suggests that teachers have this feeling and it is driven by a historical and institutional belief that students abilities are what they are and they are not going to change. I thought back to when I used these curriculum activities in my science classes my first year. It was a frustrating my first year. It felt like everything I tried didn't work and towards the end of the year I found myself givign the kids note-taking worksheets that went along with the book and vocabulary builders. I guess I lacked the confidence that year to dump that "deficit feeling" and really challenge my kids and force them to get on board or get off the train. Has anyone else ran into this or felt this? What did you do to overcome this? I never overcame it as I transferred to the burbs...

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