Friday, June 20, 2008

After last night’s presentation of slam poetry, I was left in awe. I have never really seen slam poetry done, although I am aware that it exists. I was so impressed with Elliot’s poems, especially the subject matter. He is so educated and knowledgeable of so many issues, it just surprised me that he is only 16. I thought he was much older. I know many teenagers are as smart as him, but he just has his head on his shoulder, which many teens do not. Also, he was so articulate in what he was saying, which is another difficult thing for teens, or anybody to do.

We didn’t really touch on how his presentation relates to literacy though. He talked about his feelings of school and what not, and about his process, a little bit, but we never made a connection to literacy while Larson’s group was there, and I thought that was kind of weird. I definitely consider slam poetry to be a form of literacy. It is such a powerful way to express your views and feelings, which involves the use of language. Any other thoughts on his presentation or it relating to literacy?

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