Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Make it harder to get a felony than a diploma." -Elliot


Matt said...

One question I was waiting for on the evening of Elloit's performance was why his skills in slam poetry did not transfer over to school. Is this an indictment of the school system, a function of attending a tech school, or just the way it is? Clearly, he is a creative kid, so what gives?

Grace Butler said...

Maybe because he's not speaking in Warnerese. I keep thinking that as much as we laud his obvious talent, if he were taking classes at Warner, would he be truly accepted? Or would his demeanor, his attitude, his way of expressing himself be called "unacademic?"

Heather said...

From a perspective of teaching science... there are many languages and many varieties of each. What makes one more valuable is the situation and the truly educated person can speak many ways and know when to use which way. I will want my students to learn 'science language' but, I will also love it if they had lessons where they could spit me some science!
Jeez... anyone still listen to Tom Lehrer?