Monday, June 23, 2008

teacher conference days

On teacher conference days throughout the school year, what do teachers do? Are they workshops? Are they are specific day dedicated for teachers to catch up and see how the school year is going? Since I'm taking a disabilities class, we were talking about how it would be good to have a workshop for the teachers that don't have any training with inclusion. I was thinking a workshop would be a good way to go about it. However, I wasn't sure if that type of thing goes on in the regular school year.


Hali Resney said...

I think workshops are a great way to inform teachers, not only about disabilities and how to handle them in their classroom, but on other matters too, such as "new" literacies. Conference days would be a great way to mandate that teachers attend such information sessions. Not having any experience in schools either, I'm not sure if this is happening already, but if not, it definitely should be!

Pierce said...

On Conference days in the City District, I can only speak on that district because it is where I did my student teaching, there are different workshops. The workshops depend on the content area that a person is certified in, and believe me most teachers only do what is required and leave once that is over. I think the idea of workshops on inclusion would be useful but perhaps in a different setting.