Thursday, June 19, 2008

Web 2.0 Part Tres

So for my third and final Web 2.0 assignment I checked out the Verve Earth website that Matt talked about last week. I originally wanted to check out just to see if there was anyone I knew who had blogs who was using this, but sadly I did not find anyone. Matt had mentioned someone in Boston who had gone to SU and I knew someone from my high school who went to SU and is now in Boston, but it sadly was not the same person. Anyway, I found the site really easy to use: to sign up it was just your name, email, password, and location. Linking your blog to the site was not difficult either, a few clicks and I linked my much ignored blog to the site. Having seen that I neglected my blog since january i did an update and hopefully will be able to keep it up better. I think Verve will allow me to do that because it provides a very easy to use view and feed back system were you can check other blogs and comment easily. so hopefully my blogs will stir up some interest, but if not i am at least connected to others doing the same. overall, this is definitely something I plan to use on at least a weekly basis.

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