Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Questions for 6/17 readings

These are just some questions I really wanted to share from the readings.  I have an aunt who teaches in a "one-room school" in Eastern Oregon ... for real. They are wired to the rafters and their communication technology is significant to these students' learning. However, she had told me that she could still teach it all without it ...just in a different way. After the readings I wondered if she was or was not a teacher approaching technology under the constraints that Leander describes? OR, though Leander stated that the pedagogical use of technology was constrained by the needs of the teachers, comfort with the technology and their lack of awareness with the students’ use of the laptops, are these good criteria for determining if the technology is actually being used effectively? Can I teach this lesson effectively without the technology? Can I enhance the lesson with technology? Is this lesson ineffective without the technology?

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Genna said...

I think technology is a hard topic to deal with. As teachers we may moan and groan because we don't have enough technology; however, when we do get it it is important to use it appropriately and scaffold our students. technology can definitely enhance learning but I don't find it absolutely necesary to foster learning in the classroom