Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Website

For my Web 2.0 activity this week I semi-created my own website for my classes. Back in January the district bought the software for a webspace for teachers to create their own website and place it on the district/school websites. I signed up for it but never used it. So i decided to go back and fill it out. At first I was alittle apprehensive about making a website because I have never done it before but as I went through it was pretty easy. The set-up was extremely easy to use and I even put up pictures, review sheets, added websites and there is room for even more. I love the idea of having a website where my kids can go to get information at home such as worksheets or reminders, and they can even email me right from the site. I am also going to try and use the class bog spot to start a running blog next year. Overall it was easy and straight forward. As a test, I had my forensic kids to check it out and give me some feedback. They liked it.

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