Thursday, June 12, 2008

Verveearth Web 2.0

For this week's Web 2.0 assignment, I selected an experience from the resource sent out by Professor Larson. While there was certainly a number of sites to choose from, I selected This website maps the Internet's content on to a global map. Because the information is presented in map format, the site allows you to surf the worldwide web in a whole new way. You have the option of looking for Internet content via geography or by content categories. This allows you to access content from your own area as well as gain information from different areas. It also allows you to add your own blog and website. I found this website to be pretty cool and unique. It could be a great resource to connect local voices as well to gain perspective from different locations. I was surprised by the location of some blogs, while others were certainly a little more familiar, such as Larson's blog “Literacy, life and learning.” The website provides a great tool to connect people with common interests as well as similar surroundings. All in all, I enjoyed this experience and could see myself utilizing it in the classroom.

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