Thursday, June 12, 2008

web 2.0 assignment round two!

I made a blog. It was just about 4 weeks ago that I was introduced to blogging through the wonderful classes I'm taking at the University of Rochester! I had an idea of what it was before but was never interested. I see that people post blogs on Myspace but spending time on Myspace isn't my idea of telling the world about your ideas. Now that I say that, maybe it is-haha. I accidently made my own blog when trying to "register" for this blog. Little did I know that the questions I was answering actually meant that I was creating my own personalized blog. It was relatively easy only because I was given the main resource to begin, that is the website. I think it would have been more difficult had I googled "blogging", or any variation of that, because I can only imagine the number of websites it would have suggested!!!! The only challenge I have experienced so far is how to promote my website. I think once I become famous or important (haha) it will interest more people to visit my blog. Who knows maybe my blog will create my fame! I highly doubt that but, hey, you never know. I do look forward to the blog potentially turning into a place where people can share their stories of trial and error. I hope that it can become a place where people share stories that help other people have faith in the tasks/dreams they are pursuing.


ANNA said...

I don't know if it's ok to post on your own blog BUT I forgot the link:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

Grace Butler said...

Generally the way it goes, is one person creates a blog and writes all the posts. Their thoughts about any particular subject or subjects. Other people read these posts and comment on them. So by all means, feel free to post on your own blog!