Friday, June 27, 2008

Final Presentations

Last night’s presentations were great. It was really nice to see what other groups had been working on over the 6 week course, and it was interesting what everyone’s video topics were. There was great variety among them. I was also surprised with how many groups used a website to create their final project. I agree with Grace’s post about “Learning it Digitally.” We were given the opportunity to use a “new” literacy ourselves. We were given an example, but then as the presentations show, each group played around with the “new” literacy in a different way. This shows how we successfully incorporated a “new” literacy into our classroom. Thanks Liz for letting us do this! I think if a teacher allows their students the chance to play around with different literacies, they will eventually learn new ones. But if they are not exposed to such types existing, they will never learn.

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