Friday, June 20, 2008

Web 2.0 - I stumbled.

I found this thing called "STUMBLE." It's actually a new add-on for the newest version of Firefox. When I downloaded the new firefox it gave me this as an option for an add-on. So, of course, I felt that I might as well do it. Now I'm ecstatic that I did! It's a fabulous program! When I first signed-up I had to provide the normal information and was allowed to add a picture if I wanted. It then asked me about my interests.... I picked quite a few: Math, Archeaology, Architecture, Science, Funny Movies, Funny Pictures, Astronomy, Chemistry, Educatoin, Teaching, Music, Movies, Comedy, etc... Next, I clicked on the link that said, "stumble." When I clicked this it instantly sent me to a new, apparently random, website. What I've realized after "stumbling around" (Ha, i'm hilarious)... is that it just sends you to random websites that are related to and have tags that are your related to the interests that you gave it. What's spectacular about this program (aside from the fact that I've found, though "stumbling,") many spectacular math and science education websites. What I love the most is that I've been able to add friends and if I find a fun website that I think he will like I am able to send him a link that will just show up as a red number "1" or "2" depending on how many sites I've sent and he can click the number and it will bring him directly to the page I sent him with a comment I've been able to add to the page. So on top of finding spectacular sites and marking them as "favorite" or "dislike" I've been able to easily share them. It also allows you to make favorite pages, add new tags to the pages, and make comments that are available for all "stumblers" to use and see. This site could easily be used in a classroom in my opinion! If I added JUST the tag "mathematics," "science," "biology," "chemistry," and "american history" then those are the only sights that would show up while I was "stumbling" and many of them are great educational resources.

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ANNA said...

Wow! It sounds like a great resource for practically anything! What's the link to the site? I would love to check it out sometime. Are you thinking about using it in your classroom?