Tuesday, June 24, 2008

pedagogizing slam poetry

On Thursday, Pierce mentioned how we are trying to pedagogize slam poetry instead of appreciating it as an art. So, I thought that I would use our readings for class in an authentic way and support Pierce's idea with some research....Larson and Marsh (2005) state that "teachers thus need to avoid pedagogizing out-of-school literacies or just simply repackaging them in a school-based framwork..." (pp. 156). Thanks Larson and Marsh for bringing up that point.


Grace Butler said...

Ouch. That does kind of speak to the point, doesn't it? I recognize that she just wanted us to experience slam poetry so that we can use it authentically in our own classrooms, but is our Warner classroom so very different? Shouldn't those principles apply here especially?

And most importantly: what would have been a better way to do it?

Heather said...

I don't think we can discount "our" academic language either. What really killed me was how it seemed so important for some individuals to replace Eliot's language with the class language.

Really, at any point could anyone not understand him? Was that really needed? Even at my in-laws table in Toronto, half the language is is not mine. I do not speak five words of Italian but by listening closely eventually I understand and I don't have to demand everyone speak English (or American as they way). How is this any different?

Dougyfresh04 said...


Matt said...

Personally, I thought Larson did a good job having Elliot come to class. It's always good to introduce authentic practices of literacy. Unfortunately, this point was lost in attempts to ask questoons just to ask them. Instead of looking for ways to microanalysis him, why couldn't people sit back and enjoy him for his performance?

Cassandra said...

I just wanted to say that I thought Elliott did a fantastic job. He truely has a gift, a way with words!

Nothing against him; rather something against the Warner School, this is at least the second class, if not the third class where students have come in to perfrom slam poetry. Talented students everytime? yes!! Enjoyable performances? yes!! A little redundant on Warner's part? yes!!