Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally with Pandora

For my last web 2.0 assignment I also decided to do Pandora. After seeing so many others in class try it, I figured it was time to try it out myself. It was very easy to sign up. I provided my e-mail address, created a password, gave my zip code and year of birth, and finally my gender. After this I was brought to the main Pandora page and was able to type in an artist or song title to create my own radio station. I was really impressed with how it is able to match the kind of music you put in to give you options of other similar artists. The one thing I noticed though was that there wasn't a color scheme type of think like there was when Tamara shared her Pandora page with us I'm not sure if they took that feature off of the site, or if I just wasn't in the right spot to see it. The site overall was easy to navigate. The hardest part was thinking of artists to put in. I'm horrible at remembering names of groups or artists, I just know I like them. I guess I would consider Pandora to be a new technological literacy, but I'm not sure how it relates to school that much. Like we were saying in class the other night, what really counts as literacy? I think Pandora is a great tool and source for music, and it could be useful for presentations. For example if a group of students were putting together a video clip for a presentation, they could go to Pandora to find music they wanted to put in the background of their video. I am also concerned with the comment Genna wrote about whether or not you can filter music in Pandora. It would not be good to play or use inappropriate music in a school setting.

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Lucia @ Pandora said...

Hi Hali -

Lucia here, from Pandora.
I found your blog post via google. :)

I just wanted you to know that Pandora does has an explicit lyrics filter.

If you'd like to filter out explicit lyrics, click on 'account' at the top right of the page, above your music player. At the bottom of the screen that comes up, it should say: "Allow explicit content?" You can change this setting by clicking on the word 'edit' to the right of that question.

Enjoy the music!

Cheers, Lucia