Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This week for the web 2.0 assignment I chose to post a video to YouTube. I have used YouTube on many occasions; however, this was the first time that I uploaded a video to the site.

The process of uploading a video was easy. The first thing that had to be done was to set up an account with YouTube, which is done on the homepage. After the account is created the user can then do multiple things on the site such as edit or upload a video. In order to upload a video, the user has to title the video and give it a description along with a tag and a purpose. After this process the video is uploaded. One of the things which can cause the user to have problems is not having the video saved in the proper format. Depending on what application a video is made in the type of file will be different. However, once this has been figured out the user browses their computer for the file and uploads the video to the site like attaching a document to an email.

The literacies that I used were technical literacies such as using a computer and the internet, as well as knowledge of certain computer files. The project was straightforward for me. However, this would not have been so easy to accomplish had the user not been familiar with the internet and the idea of uploading a file, or without the knowledge of certain types of files that exist.

YouTube can be very effective in literacy practices. It can serve as just a place to go and have fun and look at viral videos. It can also be a place to say something to the world and to have that voice be heard, a place where people can have a sense of agency.

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