Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Literacies

Seeing everyone's web 2 assignment tonight really opened my eyes in terms of "new literacies", specifically technological ones. Some of the web sites I had never heard of before, and it was really interesting to see the variety that everyone chose. Besides the two my space pages, everything else was different. But yet at the same time, I think there are definite similarities between all of them. For example, Heather's post on the NY times website related to Brittany's Digg in that the NY times site had links to Digg. All of them in some way were presenting information, done so on the web, and more than the person creating/commenting could view it (in most cases). I was just wondering what other people's impressions were of the web 2.0's since we didn't really discuss them too much as a whole at the end of class.


Matt said...

I agree. While I learned something from my project, the presentations really opened my eyes to the variety of digital literacy. There are certainly a number of ways to communicate and express yourself using the Internet.

Grace Butler said...

I liked the critical aspect of it especially. Each of these forums had obvious advantages, but it's also important to watch out for their liabilities. There were, for instance, information privacy concerns with MySpace and unwanted spam as well. Trailfire was useful for exploring new websites, but limited in scope and ability to locate a specific website. Flickr was useful for posting pictures, but what made it better than KodakGallery or Facebook? Even the New York Times article comments had the drawback of being unmoderated and somewhat disjointed. Knowing the limitations is just as important as knowing the possibilities.