Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Space

For my web 2 assignment I created a my space account. I do have face book, which I have had for a few years, and all of my friends have my space too. I have always wanted to be able to get onto my space and see what it was like, and now I have. Comparing it to face book, I don't like it. I might just be basis because I have had face book for awhile, but I thought it was a lot harder to navigate your way through the site and create your own page. First I had to create a user name and password. I had trouble here. It wouldn't let me use the password I had chosen. Then I had to provide personal information such as e-mail, state, age, gender. Then, when I was trying to upload a picture for my profile picture, it didn't seem to be working, so I kept trying to upload it. If any of you actually check out my page, that is why there are three of the same pictures in my album. The picture didn't even appear in my profile! It went to my album, which I still can't figure out how/why. After being frustrated with the whole picture thing, I finished the safety settings and added some more personal information. When I was trying to create my actual url for my page, again it wouldn't let me use what I had chosen. I had to try quite a few variations until in allowed me to use it. This was also annoying. The learning process for me was more individually guided. Yes there were questions prompting me further, but I basically navigated my way through the site on my own. I mainly used technological literacies, like the computer, but I also had to read/write. I think my space is very similar to face book, and after seeing what is really like, I don't see the need for both. I think my space came after face book, so maybe the computer junkies were trying to make something better, but personally I don't like the setup of it. Why do people need to have more than one social network? In someways it is a good tool to use to keep up with people that live far away, but at the same time I feel it can be a waste of time, and there are better things to be doing with your time. My page is not complete, but I was so frustrated with the whole thing that I had to stop working on it. Maybe when I have more time I can make it better. The site is:

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