Thursday, June 5, 2008

Giving You the Best that I Got- Pandora

I chose to make a radio station on I had never heard of this site, but the idea of creating my own radio station that plays the types of music that I like really intrigued me so I decided that I would try it out.

The process for creating a station on the site was fairly easy to me. However, I do not think that this process would have been so easy had I not been familiar with technology such as the computer and the internet. The steps for creating the station were as follows:

1.) Create a profile on the website.

2.) Once the profile has been created, all the user needs to do is simply type in the name of an album, song, or artist and the site begins to stream music that is of the same genre.

i.e. - I entered Anita Baker and the station began playing music by her as well as songs by other artists who matched her tonal qualities and rhythms

3.) Once a song plays the user has the opportunity to either rate it as something that they like, which means that it, will be played again. A song can also be rated as something that the user does not enjoy which means that particular song will not be played again.

Songs, albums, and musicians can be “bookmarked” to the user’s profile, which means that these things are then marked as being a favorite of the individual user. The stations created on this site can be shared with friends, meaning that other people besides the user can access and listen to the station that was created by the user.

The literacies that are employed by making a station on this site are technological literacies. One is knowledge of the internet. Another is of internet terminology such as “bookmark” and other terms that are used on the site.

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Cassandra said...

This sounds really cool! I think that I might do this for my next web assignment. Thanks for sharing your experience :)