Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Literacy Battle Royale

So who wins in the great clash of literary concepts between the "3rd space" and "affinity spaces"? While I think each concept brings valuable ideas to the table, I would have to give the nod to Gee and his affinity spaces. Affinity spaces seem to promote a better arena for learning in general, but one would be hard pressed to institute such a practice in the classroom. On the other hand, the 3rd space is more likely to succeed in the classroom. Any takers?


Dougyfresh04 said...

in this battle royale I feel that after a battle for the ages "affinity space" would throw "the third space" over the top rope in this literacy royal rumble.

to me I do not think these two theories as entirely different. to me I think affinity spaces offer a more concise and detailed method of how to bring how to create engaging learning activities, where as the third space, to me, seems a bit more vague. to keep the wrestling metaphor going, both ideas have a similar finishing moves (similar end goals) its just that affinity space's is just more thought out (like a figure four leglock) where third spaces are more hit or miss (like the flying elbow).

Jason Lustig said...

Definitely prefer Gee "Affinity Space" to 3rd Space.

Third space relinquishes teacher control almost entirely.

Affinity space allows for the benefits of 3rd space but within the context of a purposeful, curriculum centered process.

Affinity spaces allow students multiple access points to the curriculum being studied, they allow Discourse at several levels simultaneously, they address multiple learning styles. I'm not really sure that 3rd space has this going for it.

Affinity space seems to be a culmination of all the theories, being used almost simultaneously with each other, to create a rich approach to learning that the teacher can still have overall control or accountability for. There are elements of critical literacy, making use of socio-cultural capital, community of learners, 3rd space, lecture, and more all within Affinity space.

It is the concept of portals that really opens up the possibility of affinity spaces. 3rd space is just as likely to exclude students as any other individual theory might. Affinity space looks to capture all the students by allowing differentiated instruction/learning opportunities consistently.

Heather said...

Both are valid theories to me. Be Affinity space smacks down because it is more instructional in nature. I want students to have third space but as a teacher, affinity is more affable to getting focusing in the material.

Great question by the way.