Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Web2: Trailfire

I have never used trailfire and I didn't even know what it was but i decided to check it out... I found that it is a search engine type site. The front page is lists of words, the bigger the word the more people click on it. I clicked on brain. This led me to another page with links to different websites that had brain included in the title. It also had a field at the top with more words for me to refine my search. I refined it to neuroscience. This led me to another page like the brain page except titled neuroscience. On this page I skimmed the websites and found some lesson plans on neuroscience and the brain. The learning process was pretty simple. I went to the website and played around clicking on different links and seeing where they brought me. This allowed me to learn about the website as I was using it. I used my computer and Internet literacy. I knew how to use the word hyperlinks because I had seen them in a blog before. The only thing I found difficult was that there are not many words to choose from. I wanted an education link but there wasn't one. I think as this search engine becomes more popular the word bank will grow. I did see that I could figure out what I was doing through experience. Dewey's philosophy focused on experiential learning thus connects to my learning. I also was able to use my previous knowledge to help navigate through the website.

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Cassandra said...

I thought about trying this out as a web 2.0 assignment. however, I was at work and I didn't think they would appreciate me downloading things to the computer.

glad to see you tried it out though! maybe I'll check out your trail...if I can figure out how to :)