Monday, June 9, 2008

first web 2.0 assignment

I commented on a youtube video. I have visited the youtube website minimally. When I began to search for a video, I had no idea what to look for! Youtube is loaded with EVERY kind of video that it was hard to narrow down. I began with a video on Buddhism. The videos I found on Buddhism weren’t what I wanted. So I searched for Peru and decided to see what kinds of videos would surface. Finally I came across a video that had good qualities and seemed amateur enough for me to comment. I commented on a documentary (that was kind of) about the different geographical locations in Peru, South America. When I wanted to comment on the video I actually needed to create a youtube account in order to comment on the video. It was extremely easy but something I had never thought necessary to participate in using youtube. I always thought anyone could download videos and surf around. This is true for the most part but it never occurred to me that you needed to be a youtube member. I experienced a mental challenge with youtube! I had a mental block telling me it was a difficult task to set up an account and participate in youtube. I had the same mental challenge with myspace, facebook, ebay, and even setting up a new e-mail address. I don’t take any credit in setting up a myspace or facebook account because I had others do it for me. I have minimal knowledge of how to make minor changes to my accounts. Compared to other people’s homepages, I might as well not have an account because it’s so basic. Currently, I do not have an ebay account. I guess that might be something I should look into now that I am interested in exploring different internet applications. Once I was able to get past my mental block of the difficulty in participating in the internet, I was able to enjoy the assignment instead of agonizing over it. When I did it, I realized how easy it was! It is something that doesn’t cross your mind until you actually participate in it. My actual comment to the creator: "I liked the scenery in this video. Although it was extremely disconnected! Since you began with geography, it would have been better to stay consistent with that and set up the video according to geographical boundaries. While you commented on the amazons you immediately showed pictures of another geographical region. The dress of the people clearly did not coincide with the amazons. People in the amazons don't wear full head to toe lana clothing, it's too hot there! Where was that part of the video from? Just small common sense things like that made it difficult to enjoy the entire documentary. Other than that, like I said beautiful pictures and video! I thought over all you had great cinematography. In the future, it would be helpful to provide more description on each area more while the music was playing. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Peru!"

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