Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3rd space and counterscript

After reading the Gutierrez, Rymes and Larson, I think I have a slightly better handle on this concept of the 3rd space. While I appreciated the dynamic between the teacher's script and the counterscript, my question is won't there always be a counterscript, even to this 3rd space. This will especially be the case considering students use teacher contributions to build this counterscript. Since the 3rd space has such great potential for change, it seems to be more of a "eureka" moment that teachers should build on. Any thoughts?

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Shannon said...

I think the "eureka" thing is part of it. I think the third space is where the teacher recognizes and accepts the form of language that the students use, and encouraging them to use that language to both accomplish the direction that the teacher had in mind, and allowing students to take the conversation in perhaps a different direction at the same time.

I think where the eureka thing comes in, is when a student makes a comment or asks a question in the counterscript that could be elaborated on in a meaningful way, the teacher takes that opportunity to allow the conversation to go there, instead of dismissing the comment.